Establish a $5,000,000 non-substantial threshold.

Allow the executive branch director athority to write $5,000,000 checks without public feedback or comment.

Establishing your states Master Plan.

Having the ability to write $5,000,000 checks for programs that are newly created without the need for additional review by the public saves time and allows the state to use funds to increase the budget of programs not directly related to the program you are defunding.

A good example is Louisiana Watershed Modeling and Planning program.
The first allocations required a vote from the task force that agreed with the state agency to form the Watershed task force and use $10 million of federal tax dollars allocated to homeowners.
Once the program is established allocating incremental $5 million transfers from other programs goes without challenge.
This process was tested in previous disasters and still holds valid today. A program unrelated to the disaster and a program that was funded indpendentantly with other federal grants is still drawing $5 million allocations years later.

  • OCD-DRU Action Plan Amendment 15 for the 2016 floods in Louisiana.
Master Action Plan, this Amendment is considered non-substantial as it does not change the benefit or eligibility criteria, add or delete an activity, or reallocate more than $5,000,000.

D. Amendments to the Disaster Recovery Action Plan
1. Substantial Amendments
Per 81 FR 83254 substantial amendments are defined by a change in program benefit or eligibility criteria; the addition or deletion of an activity; or the allocation or reallocation of a monetary threshold specified by the grantee. For purposes of this allocation of funding, the state will define the threshold for a substantial amendment as the greater of a re-allocation of more than $5 million dollars or a reallocation which constitutes a change of 15 percent or greater of a program budget. Only those amendments which meet the definition of a substantial amendment are subject to the citizen participation process.

OCD-DRU Action Plan Amendment 15 for the 2016 floods in Louisiana. OCD-DRU re-allocation of more than $5 million dollars Louisiana. 81 FR 83254.